Navajo County Special Use Permit Application by sPower which is owned by AES Corporation which is already installing turbines in Hawaii facing massive consumer protest there shows turbine specifications they are considering 3 different models. Mr. Unrein stated to me that he could not present even estimates as to how much power would be produced in watt hours in RATIO to the amount of power in watt hours DRAWN FROM THE GRID. Here is a HIGH RESOLUTION image of Vestas turbines from their website on a green landscape showing how awful these things destroy the beauty of nature. This image takes a while to load. When it finishes take some time to study it and notice how tall these things are compared to the PINE TREES.

These were placed in Lemnhult, Sweden and are the V112-3.0 mw model are they not the most beautiful ugly propeller sticks you ever saw ruin a landscape?

Here is another image of a wind farm at Lake Turkena, Kenya which looks a lot like areas in Arizona and California. You can see how they ruin the serene landscape.


turbines as high as 755 feet with wingspan of 532 feet

The Vestas website shows that the V162-5.6 is designed for low to medium wind sites. The map that shows (where did I put that again) wind speeds aroung the USA shows Chevelon Butte not at highest wind speed, only nominal.