Shasta wind farm

The environmental aesthetics section of the EIR shows on page 7 of 50 this view of Hatchet Ridge Wind project turbines. You can see them on the ridge but the photo does not really show them as they would be noticed in real life driving along this road, they would very much catch your eye, taking it off the road which is really a safety issue that none of these developers point out really. The thing I wanted to highlight here though is in the description they state 'most views from the highway corridor are obstructed by trees' but this is like saying most of the ridgeline is obstructed by trees yet both the turbines and the ridgeline is very visible and mostly visible overall as you are driving the vast views keep opening up to your view all along this route here, thus, I feel it's disingenuous to state that they are 'obstructed'. Anyone driving this route is very much going to notice the unnatural stark white propeller stick skyscrapers on the ridgeline. Imagine there being a billboard in the distance on that ridgeline, just one billboard, it would be 'obstructed by trees' but still would stand out as you are driving along there because of it's unnatural placement of an industrialized signage on a natural hill. I would be horrified to be driving this route and seeing these monstrocities there. By 2050 all of these wasteful energy transfer schemes need to be removed and beauty restored, with truly efficient energy systems put in place such as nuclear power that has a very small viewscape impact.