Wind energy lighting 'mitigation' systems using radar

These systems have problems and they are subject to serious review by FAA. Campo project on Indian land in San Diego County just saw FAA recind their approval citing need for much more study. There is no guarantee these types of lighting would be approved so all interested parties should assume that they will not be and this area would be covered in 49 square miles of ugly bright red flashing lights all night long as seen east of Route 377. Around Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Whitewater, Painted Hills areas there is 2000+ turbines that flash and ruin nightscapes all night long. They are horrible.

Chevelon Butte Wind project could use these systems to cut down the amount of dark sky lighting from flashing red lights but these systems must be approved by FAA. These systems in North Dakota were discussed in December 2020 and is also the type of controlled lighting that is promised for Chevelon Butte wind project and worth study.

North Dakota Public Service Commission informal hearing on lighting mitigation systems using radar gives some clues

these would attempt to reduce the amount of flashing red warning lights being on at night on wind farms there

12/11/20 Informal Agenda (187KB pdf)
12/11/20 Informal Audio (29MB mp3)
12/11/20 Work Agenda (51KB pdf)
12/11/20 Work Audio (39MB mp3)

in the WORK AUDIO (last one) 9 minutes in the two wind farms will have this lighting system both farms on both farms off depending on aircraft presence

14 minutes in state there are many TRIGGERS of the lighting systems not just aircraft, lights on up to 90% of the time, increased due to migratory birds during certain times

16:30 is there less lights on during winter, answer was not sure

18:15 weather affects the triggering of these lighting systems

21:30 turned on to verify functioning at times

22:30 come on more with agriculture traffic (off a lot in August / September) goes on more again in October with bird migration and other factors

31:00 there is a 3 mile boundary where activity there can trigger the lighting to go on

32:00 for about a half hour they are in sight while driving and seem to be on constantly states a commissioner (north of highway 25?)

48:30 Excel Energy spokesperson and colleagues say some things:  heated work space at the top of the towers, lights activated more often than anticipated, bird flocks mimick radar signature enough uncertainty to default to activation of the lights,

1:06:25 press asks what these radar towers look like and if they have any operating in any other sites, they don't have those turned on yet, they have one they purchased in South Dakota, other states not using it for this company

1:09:00 Tom Vinson of of American Clean Power Association mentions merging companies, radar detects up to 1000 feet from the tallest point of turbine, if system cannot see far from weather it DEFAULTS TO HAVING THE LIGHTS ON this means foggy air and other conditions will have them default flashing on/off, FAA still has to approve and might not, has no clue on cost of the radar systems yet on their website his title is "Vice President, Federal Regulatory Affairs" WOW does not have a clue.

an article by Tom Vinson stated "Scientists overwhelmingly agree that excess carbon pollution threatens birds across the globe. This looms particularly large in North America, where the National Audobon Society finds CO2 pollution could cause 314 different bird species to lose up to 50 percent of their habitats in the coming decades." CO2 pollution? It is not a pollutant. If it was a pollutant we would be saying humans are constant polluters with exhaled breath. How disingenuous a statement. Read article archived at the Way Back Machine

again the link for this meeting is here as of 4/24/2021:

North Dakota Public Service Commission had hearing on this same type of lighting in December 2020 will discuss the problems and advantages of these systems that turn the warning lights on when there is movement approaching.

Meeting is as follows and anyone can call in to share their thoughts: December 11, 2020 - 10:00 am CST 

Work Session (51.00KB pdf) Internet Broadcast, Light Mitigation Technology Stakeholder Discussion,  General Public Call-In Information, Dial 1-888-585-9008    Access Code 259-316-322    Bismarck, ND


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