Here is a little about Jason Whiting who's title is "representative" for the Chevelon Canyon Ranch, Chevelon Acres, Chevelon Retreat and all the wildlife in that area

Jason Whiting District III Navajo County Supervisor that is not representing the Chevelon Canyon areas at all on sPower wind farm massive $1 billion project that will affect property owners and residents there horriblyI went to his Facebook page on 12/20/2019 and there was NO MENTION WHAT SO EVER about the Chevelon Butte wind project, HOW CAN THAT BE?

He is Navajo County Board of Supervisors District III "representative". He is supposed to "represent" the entire Chevelon Canyon region of property owners and residents, the water, the wildlife.

He did not attend supervisors meeting to vote for or against the project that will HORRIBLY AFFECT all residents in that area. I thought he was the representative. He's not representing us here very well. What is going on here? I would like to know why he did not attend.

He has been pursuing legislation to make Arizona burn more biomass. Oh good he is representing dead wood and trees. He is pushing for more thinning of forests. Paridise fire in California that wiped out an entire town has put all forest areas on edge. It may be a very noble effort.

The Devil is always there in details. Biomass uses more energy than it produces. Too bad, just when we were again promised by politicians that they would save us they don't, but somehow their incomes and government pensions always get saved and get better.

Since burning "bio-fuels" as they are called uses more energy though we have to wonder about such. It would be better for there to be cooperatives that help fuel growth in Chevelon Canyon Ranch, Chevelon Canyon Retreat, and Chevelon Canyon Acres by adding connections to the grid for the properties that would additionally create systems for collection of those biologicall masses (this used to be called dead wood and underbrush) and available for this new growth of ranch homes to have for burning in their home fireplaces efficiently right there close to the forest instead of using more fossil fuels to transport and fuel growth of Wall Street portfolios. See where this all goes? To feed the rich.

Coal is a much more efficient bio-fuel and feeds fewer of the super rich as it's more localized, yet decision makers and planners in the area has phased it out due to fake clean energy concerns to the demise of funding needed government services which then led to a new ballot measure that was approved to increase public taxes for a special district to replace those funds that were lost while the county has mandated minimum wage increase to $12/hour. Phasing out coal is misguided. "Burning biomass costs about 50 percent more than solar or natural gas" was stated in the White Mountain Independent article dated September 13, 2019 where he is shown accepting "Supervisor of the Year" award. This was well past the time sPower started informing land owners out there in July 2019 so he surely knows about it.

It appears he is ignoring the public on the massive 175 turbine 49 square mile tallest structures in all of Arizona wind farm project. Certainly never responded to my emails. I have written him FOUR TIMES. I recently sent him mail on 12/9/2019. I received on auto reply saying out till December 16th by secretary. Then again on 12/23/2019 asking why he did not vote as 6 days prior I learned HE DID NOT VOTE. He never followed up on any of them not a single one. Maybe he is busy. More likely he is not interested in anything I have to say or anything anyone has to say who owns property out there or is concerned about Arizona wildlife, forest, and open spaces to fully 'recharge'. That is not representation. If too busy to deal with how horribly this will ruin that area and affect so many property owners he should not be in that position. This is not just a fence that's 4 feet over code this is 175 skyscrapers that spin in circles spread over 49 square miles that are 60 stories tall like Los Angeles downtown.

I now think all these people have their hands in this $1 billion pot.

I also sent him email on 9/16/2019. I got NOTHING. October 17, 2019 there was a Navajo County planning commission meeting. It sure would have been great to have him respond back and tell me about this. Had he responded to my concerns surely I would have learned about this as it was one of the questions I had. I was not aware of that meeting date. I am at this point forced to believe that he is totally uninterested in any discussion with me or the public most affected on this matter. I have to wonder did he pass on my concerns to the planning commission? I would have to guess likely not. Or maybe he did and he told them ignore anyone who opposes. Again I am not being represented nor are all the others out there by this Jason Whiting. I did not see this planning commission meeting on Navajo County web at that time.

So the planning commission hearing of Navajo County was on 10/17/2019. Vote was 3-2 to approve. The public has opportunity to present their views, questions, etc. at these meetings or also do so by telephone or sending comments to the clerk who is said would deliver them to such hearings and those on these boards.

Below is what sPower provide the planning commission application about 4 weeks prior. That is a rather short period of time for the public to find this, be informed and have enough time to study this thoroughly. There should be a mandated 6 month period between hearing and public access to such an application. Ask Jason if he cares.

View the report by clicking on the image below.

It's interesting to see the following from that White Mountain Independent is searching to see if there was ANY EVEN ONE article on Chevelon Butte wind farm this year. Look at the second article. This first one was the first one this publication presented yet the public was informed as far back as July 2019. Certainly the Hopi Tribe knew about this in that month. I have also contacte many Hopi Tribe members that were at a July meeting with sPower with not a single response.

This was the search result around mid December 2019. They don't allow humans to read the articles unless they do tricks like a smart dog or smart energy pony show with added smart smoke and smart mirrors. You can read it here at

I have not been able to obtain minutes from any of these meetings. What is going on here? Correction the minutes for October 17 Navajo County planning are available (see bottom of page for my comments and snapshot). There was also talk there about a 100-megawatt battery storage facility. Batteries are not the solution either. This has already been well documented by many in the engineering community around the world.

"Staff noted that the applicant had provided above and beyond State standards for their environmental studies."

I would dispute that. Wild flying wonderful objects called birds would be affected as well as insects like honey bees.

Coconino County Board of Supervisors never heard this matter. I learned late on this too - that county BOS will only have an item go to them if the Planning Commission votes NO. What is that???

So that county planning commission voted unanimous YE$ YE$ YE$ YE$ YE$!!!!! and the project is considered approved there. They surely are looking at tax revenues (and political donations?). I don't think Coconino County gives a hoot owl that flies into almost 200 wind turbines touching the stratosphere that are 60 stories tall about Chevelon Canyon residents and property owners there. They care about $. The more dollars that this project feeds into their coffers the better for their pensions and pay and some other things.

So as far as all planners and one board of supervisors with the most unrepresentative one Jason Whiting not voting there will be a disgusting sea of red flashing lights all night long covering 49 square miles seen for 100 miles all around. You would fly over that area in a plane and see these flashing instead of soothing complete darkness below. I've flown over it and looked down, it's amazing. I've driven through there. It's amazing. No more. You would drive from Winslow to the forest and be met with an ugly disgusting wind farm. You would drive across Chevelong Crossing and experience at least a half hour of this mess all around and above you and hear them grind and whoosh and make other sounds. sPower application claims they would install "smart" lighting that would only be activated when aircraft (or birds) fly over them (or through them to get slammed dead or mamed by 755 foot high spinning blades, when they spin that is and often when they sping they are forced into it to get rid of excess grid power from other renewables).

They surely did this to deflect attention from the horrors of flashing red bright LED lights all night long, but FAA requires approval first, they very well may never approve, many factors to consider, they are very sticky on air travel and warning matters, so FAA requires the red flashing bright LED lights all night long as a standard which does not need approval. I am sure Jason Whiting would like to know this as he "represents" someone somewhere on some planet I would think.

All this massive industrialization everywhere is getting out of hand. Trump knows this and it is why he ended all this subsidy of these DIRTY/CLEAN/ENERGY projects but the corporate welfare handouts were guaranteed if they had their projects approved before 2020. Democrats either are lost in lalaland or know this and just don't care and it seems all politicians are more focused on petty crap like making sure no one gets food from the government unless they work 20 hours. They all approved throwing humans off food stamps if they can't get jobs when there still is 4 out of 100 not working. So while politicians pat each other on the back for this great feat of saving the public money 4 out of 100 people could starve.

It saves the public about $.52 per month.

Instead we build renewable energy farm that also act as energy waste sites.

It's one thing when subsidies and industry provide help to the public as burning wood and coal did for thousands of years while now in the modern smart stupidity age it is being deemed an existence threat (what a joke and fraud that is) as industrialization of heating and energy has improved way of life for billions of people, then they bastardize those efficient fuels, to instead replace them with FAKE/CLEAN/ENERGY that wastes more energy and mostly transfers energy, it's another when they calim that they are saving energy with these monstrocities when they are doing no such thing, and when they claim they are saving the planet and "overheating" of it when they are doing no such thing. Do these people "representing" you understand this or do they understand this? And talk about "bio-fuels" all that dead wood is fuel, it's RENEWABLE ENERGY that can fuel 100,000,000 homes every winter if we pick it up and deliver it to homes instead of wasting more energy processing it.

Another thought on this, look for them making it illegal or more costly to go collect dead wood from the forest as this new improved smart stupid wasteful bio-mass method will be deemed in the public interest to make sure only government (and investors and friends) get that dead wood first and foremost "in the public interest" of course. They will section off areas for industrial biomass collection, gathering of course the cream of the crop leaving the less usable for the public.

Jason Whiting Facebook page capture on 12/20/2019:


Jason is an insurance agent link goes to this page as captured on 12/20/2019. Is his company providing insurance for the project? That would be quite the billing! Who could turn that down.


Notice the Mahoney Group has office in the very town sPower is located, Salt Lake City. We often hear certain groups bastardize 'big oil' 'big business' but when do we hear them do that to 'big insurance' and 'big lawyers' and when they do, when don't they all have their hands in those money pots like so many politicians? Did Jason Whiting not vote because it would be a conflict of interest, if so how noble of him. Or is it? A representative that is not representing the public is not a representative and should not be in that position and should certainly not be deemed 'Supervisor of the Year' unless that award also means being so very good at avoiding representing those most affected by massive $1 billion wind project that wastes energy and transfers it to certain groups while their investment suffers.

White Mountain Independent featured this next article in 2003 about the wonders of Chevelon Canyon that would be ruined by wind farming.

Forget ever going to Chevelon Butte to see the beautiful vista views that go forever, that will be an industrial mess of white wind turbines by day and flashing red bright LED lights by night, seen for tens of miles in all directions like the ones you see now on all emergency vehicles that are blinding and the flashing LED lights on airplanes you can see 50 miles away while the owners of the O'Haco Cattle Company land there below where these farms will mostly be situated will be multi millionaires and maybe billionaires as decades of your energy starts flowing to them why should they care they will go to all the rich unspoiled places in the universe with your money you send them in your taxes guaranteed by these energy wasteful subsidies for energy wasting wind farms and your ever increasing electric bills and now you might start realizing how come your rated keep going up up and away from your ability to keep up. And they still get to keep their land.

In another article from 2009 we read this about Chevelon Butte,

From the top of Chevelon Butte, you can look off in all directions and see cattle country.

Titles to the big country are in federal, state and private hands, but cattlemen take a more far-reaching view.

As he stood on the edge of the butte looking out over the dry range, rancher Jack Carlisle said,
"It's only given to us for a short time. We're stewards of the land but it belongs to God. We'll take care of it - we just need a little rain."

And in July 2019 God said, "STOP Chevelon Butte Wind".



And from the Official Fantastical Book On Dream Energy we read,

"Then on the 8th day man thought he could do better than God, so he created wind farms."

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