Are new radar controlled warning systems for lighting on wind turbines any better and what about birds in the path of these blades as they migrate?


The sPower Chevelon Butte Wind project is required by Navajo County at least to have sensor type systems for aviation warning lights, these are the red flashing nights that blink all night long on most every wind farm you see anywhere on Earth. Supposedly the new "smart" technology which of course is more complicated and requires more parts made in other countries would only turn on when aircraft is above, but this could include birds.

So it's interesting to read that in North Dakota there are reports that these new systems aren't helping solve that issue.

 Several commissioners on Wednesday noted that, anecdotally, it seems the lights still blink often on wind farms that have installed the technology.

“I had noticed on some of the facilities that are located straight west of Bismarck, the lights are on quite frequently, so I’m curious about that,” Fedorchak said.

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Lighting does not save avian life

This was a beautiful soaring Bald Eagle which is a protected species


The lack of information being disseminated about the incident does not surprise Mr. Hageman, who serves on the conservation committee for the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. What makes this incident so significant is it has provided a habeas corpus moment. "We have these discussions all of the time about how the turbine operators are being so secretive about the number of bird and bat kills that take place at these sites. They are absolutely petrified about the general public knowing how many eagles and bats are killed by wind turbines," he said.

A recent report by Audubon indicated wind turbines in North America kill up to 328,000 birds each year, "making it the most threatening form of green energy," Audubon said.

Eagles are a concern for the Hopi tribe but I have not heard anything from them about any plans to try to stop this project based on such whereas there is some bird groups in the Lake Erie area that has some involvement in trying to stop turbines in Lake Erie due to migration effects.

Birds get hurt by these things. If the wind projects were a net positive energy gain maybe humanity could justify this? Energy for what? So we can be locked in our homes by government order and watch how life used to be prior to the invasion of fake viral threats that the boob toob teaches us on as we are captive and fake clean energy as we become slaves of our streaming applications that use more energy than VHS tapes or going out to a DRIVE-IN ever did?

Wait what's this?

For over 20 years the whores at Audubon have been cashing in from Green Energy while our rural/native bird populations have been obliterated by wind energy. This partnership started in the 1990's when they cut a "Condor" deal with Enron. As of April 2020 nearly 60,000 bald and golden eagle carcasses have been secretly shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository. They are sent there and then their body parts are redistributed to Native Americans. Most of these eagles have come from green energy wind farms after1995 and while Audubon has remained silent.

image created by Ohio Department of Natural Resources - "The carcass of an adult bald eagle killed when it was struck by one of the wind turbines located at the Wood County Landfill lies on the ground near the base of the turbine." reference 


recent news about birds at one project may apply to this Chevelon Canyon area wind project


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