GEN-TIE environmental compatibility approved on October 28, 2019



The environmental impact of this is minimal for the Chevelon Butte wind project as this is just the "tie in to the grid" portion. It would add underground cables and overhead lines and connect to those high power lines that already exist in the region that span many miles. These power lines are called APSPreacher Canyon-Cholla 345KV

If the rest of the permits are approved for the wind farm spanning both Coconino County and Navajo County the project would tie in to these lines in Navajo County directly on east side of Chevelon Canyon a short distance from it.

They claim it serves the broader public interest and I would disagree on that as it's part of a wasteful blightful wind farm that barely produces any energy, uses energy, etc.* while it takes our energy dollars to build and maintain it serving the broader interest of investors, politicians, and the broader public interest in maintaining delusions of renewable energy.

This entire wind energy project if approved will surely add cost to electric bills as has been shown repeatedly in places where they have pushed these onto the grid and create a less stable grid.

Politicians later will have their pensions while the public is left to waste more energy to fix the problems wind energy in Arizona will have created.

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* I asked Mr. Unrein of sPower directly to give me at least an estimate of how much power is DRAWN FROM THE GRID vs. how much is added to the grid in mega watt HOURS not just lofty mega watt numbers and was met with a response that I feel was disingenuous as he stated they have not selected the exact model of turbine yet. I would like to provide the public some exact numbers and surely this company could provide such if they wanted to as they do already have a wind farm in Utah. My statement that they barely produce energy is conclusion based on a variety of sources including of those who maintain those turbines first hand and many who have studied this extensively.



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