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Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Lee Jack, Sr, Vice-Chairman; Jesse Thompson, Supervisor District II; Jason Whiting, Chairman; Dawnafe Whitesinger, Supervisor District V; Daryl Seymore, Supervisor District IV, each appearing telephonically
Staff Attendance:
Glenn Kephart, County Manager; Brad Carlyon, County Attorney; Melissa Buckley, Clerk of the Board, each appearing telephonically
9:00 a.m. Call To Order: Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance was led by Supervisor Thompson.
CALL TO THE PUBLIC: There were no public comments.
a. Minutes: April 14, 2020, Regular Meeting
b. Clerk of Superior Court Report March 2020
c. Juvenile Probation Report March 2020
d. Justice Court Reports: Holbrook Precinct #1, Winslow Precinct #2, Snowflake Precinct #3, Kayenta Precinct #4, Show Low Precinct #5, and Pinetop-Lakeside Precinct #6, March 2020
e. Approval of 12 Back Tax Land Parcels sold over the counter in the amount of $8,498.56
f. Approval of National Forest Funds Distribution $834,203.03 for the benefit of Public Schools and Public Roads pursuant to ARS 11-497, ARS 37-741 and ARS 37-521
g. Contracts signed by County Manager/Assistant County Manager pursuant to Board of Supervisors Resolution: Catapult Subscription Agreement and Directions Training Registration Summary
h. Tax exemptions filed pursuant to ARS §42-11153 as a Request for Redemption of Waiver
i. Proclamation declaring May 3-9 as "Correctional Officers Week" in Navajo CountySupervisor Thompson made a motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the items in the consent agenda; motion seconded by Supervisor Whitesinger.  Vote unanimous approving the motion.
NAVAJO COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES DISTRICT: Board of Directors Session: Supervisor Seymore made a motion to enter into the Navajo County Public Health Services District Board of Directors Session; motion seconded by Supervisor Whitesinger. Vote unanimous approving the motion.
1. Renewal of the Everbridge contract for mass notifications in Navajo CountySupervisor Thompson made a motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the item in the consent agenda; motion seconded by Supervisor Seymore.  Vote unanimous approving the motion.
b. REGULAR AGENDA:  my comments are in purlple
1. Update on COVID-19:  Jeff Lee indicated that we do see a continued rise of cases throughout Navajo County. 

That is because there is more testing

He stated that as of this morning, there are 665 cases in Navajo County; 6,948 cases in Arizona and 66,543 tests have been taken in Arizona.  He indicated that we have seen over the past week or two an increased emphasis on testing, and testing supplies have become more available.  He stated that there continues to be positive indicators that the mitigation measures in place are working, and we are slowing and flattening the curve. 

The primary mitigation of this seasonal flu with a new name and marketed as dangerous by Fauci and gang is the weather.

He indicated that we want our residents to know that even though we have positive indicators, the risk of exposure still remains high, and we all need to take those extra precautions:  physical distancing, washing our hands, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and wearing a face mask while in public. 

None of those Draconian measures are necessary by all proven science on these matters.

He stated that these are key things which will help continue the positive direction in slowing the spread. 

The wind spreads viruses everywhere all the time none of these measures stop the spread. Face masks actually keep bacteria and fungus that a person might exhale contained so that they immediately breathe them back in thus tending to create higher possibility of infection or reinfection. They can deposit on the fabric as well and grow worse then be inhaled into the lungs so this is not healthy. Also since there are holes all of it can still be spread outward. When bacteria and fungus is exposed to air it can dissipate better and be less concentrated thus it is better NOT to wear these. A face mask or bandana can prevent small particulates like sand from entering the lungs to a degree thus that is an effective mandate or "strongly suggested" thing to impose on someone in a dust storm, but for viruses it's absurd as even Margaret Heckler stated in the 1980's with the HI virus panic mess that viruses go right through condoms and to think they protect anyone is absurd, they go right through like flies go through an open door then followed up with "but that's all we have". This same mentality is infecting governing with this current distorted mess.

He indicated that the EOC is focused on building up the recovery branch to help the community transition into what the new normal may look like. 

New normal? That means 6 foot spaces everywhere? It's not needed. Face masks everywhere? Not needed the holes let virus right through anyway. Old normal worked fine for hundreds of thousands of years.

He spoke about having a strong focus on fire season, and we are looking at how COVID may change how we do things as it comes to fires.  

How would a virus change fire response? That is beginning to sound like we are screaming meemies running away from viruses. Get a grip.

He stated that this week, we should start receiving personal protective equipment we ordered and additional testing supplies from ADHS.  He spoke about receiving a rapid testing machine last week at Little Colorado Medical Center which can produce same-day test results. 

Oh apparently they want to be able to test everyone they come in contact with, maybe the trees also if they are in the forest as they spread viruses, test the air as it spreads viruses, hey where is that air test?

He stated that we have also partnered with University of Arizona who will be performing some antibody testing with local healthcare workers and first responders which will help to identify the virus in our communities and additional research with the antibodies and what that means long term for individuals who may have had it. 

Antibodies are in everyone, they are the natural immune system response and areg good to have there so what is this indicating, nothing. The tests only find antibodies no specific virus and no specific antibody. It's a lie to tell anyone that they are being tested for any specific virus.

He indicated that while there are positive indicators, we cannot let up.  He reiterated those precautionary measures we each can take. 

We cannot let up? Ok let's just leave society shut down. Sure that makes sense, to a crazy person. We need to totally let up and stop this insanity.

Supervisor Thompson stated that in addition to Mr. Lee’s comment on the concern for forest fires, up on the Reservation, one of the issues that is now surfacing is the drought in addition to COVID-19.  He indicated that his other concern is how we keep students doing the work that they could have been doing at school when they do not have the technology and not everybody has access to power to connect their computers or laptops.  He spoke about a conference coming up regarding these concerns on Thursday.  Chairman Whiting stated that we are continuing to have conversations with our state and federal partners regarding solutions particularly with the schools.  He thanked Mr. Lee and his team for all their hard work and level of communication that is ongoing.

So when someone gets sick from not having water from drought, they will test for this 19 thing (which is last year's flu 2019 and helloooooo we are into May 2020) and they will be listed as a threat to everyone, if  they haven't died yet, then overly aggressive measures taken to protect others from The 19, and if they are 80' years old and die of pneumonia will be listed not as that but a 19 death thus making statistics keep growing which makes Fauci happy as he and his buddies are looking at making testing, vaccines, surveillance world wide mandatory for this KACHING.

Supervisor Thompson made a motion to return to regular session; motion seconded by Supervisor Seymore.  Vote unanimous approving the motion.

Interesting that Jason Whiting was there for this meeting, he was not there to vote for his district failing to represent all the land owners in Chevelon Canyon area regarding 49 square mile wind turbine project touting 170 of them at 755 feet tall each that waste energy and are a transfer of your energy to inudustrialists. It's a close to $1 billion dollar project which of course is paltry compared to the $8 billion all congress persons approved to give Fauci money to surveille you and your loved ones now for life for last years flu strain, one congressman who won a lottery of Arizona voted no, he was brave and sensible. All of these monies are coming out of your wallet.
a. Business Outreach Update:  Paul Watson recognized Kathleen Smith and Stephanie Ray who are also on the call.  He stated that he was approached by supervisors, as well as Glenn Kephart, to look at how we can as a County help our businesses through this unprecedented time.  He recognized that the internal key partners are himself, Stephanie Ray and Kathleen Smith, who represent Northeastern Arizona Workforce and have key roles in working with employers, as well as dislocated workers.  He spoke about funding opportunities which have come forward on a federal and state level.  He stated that they set a goal as a team to provide current, accurate and pertinent information and resources to our business community and employees and were able to determine some key partners they needed to make that happen:  Small Business Administration office which covers northern Arizona, and that representative was willing to participate in the team; Small Business Development Center through Northland Pioneer College, who work directly with small businesses to help them with the various loans and opportunities and applications to get potential funding; and cities and towns, as wells as chambers of commerce, were brought into the team to help get the word out through their network.  He indicated that all players play a key role in disseminating and gathering information. 
He stated that the process as a team was they would have opportunities to gather information that they garnered from various sources, bring that together and put together a media distribution.  He indicated that they then have a conference call with team members and present the information they felt was appropriate to disseminate and get feedback from them.  He indicated that once there was an agreement, they would put that out to the team members which was then distributed to their constituents.   He stated that they have conference calls twice a week and disseminate media 2 to 4 times a week.  He stated that the team has grown into 18 different agencies/individuals participating, including Navajo, Apache, Gila counties; most of the cities and towns within those counties and representation from White Mountain Apache Tribe and Navajo Nation.  He indicated that they have a distribution list of emails over 8,000 and significant exposure on social media.  He spoke about having opportunities to receive feedback from team members regarding successes and shared a couple of success stories.  He stated that they have assisted over 90 business with applications totaling over $18.5 million in requests which are in the process.  He spoke about a loan advance funding which a business could get when they applied for the EIDL loan, and there’s been over a million dollars in those loan advance funds allocated in our area.  He stated that he believes that as a team, they’ve been able to reach a significant number of our businesses.   He indicated that they were asked by the governor to reach out to our businesses to get a feel how they would see reopening the economy.  He stated that they only had 24 hours to do that, and they received over 200 responses and were able to send those back for our businesses to be heard when the Governor looks at how to reopen the economy. 
He spoke about the discussions regarding how we assist our businesses going forward, including signage which could be posted for those business who are open and a program throughout the summer of similar kinds of signage asking people to please shop local and support those local businesses.  He stated that there are a number of programs through the Workforce Development Program which could be pertinent going forward.   Supervisor Thompson thanked Mr. Watson for working with all of Navajo County and his leadership at NACOG.  Supervisor Seymore thanked Mr. Watson and his team for putting this together and how quickly they are disseminating information to our local businesses.  He stated that he has received feedback from local businesses expressing gratitude for the timely information.  Supervisor Whitesinger thanked Mr. Watson and his team for the presentation and for supporting our local businesses and community members.  Supervisor Jack thanked Mr. Watson for the great work that he’s doing for our communities.  Chairman Whiting thanked Mr. Watson and the team for their efforts.  He spoke of the importance of helping our businesses navigate through the solutions the state and federal government have presented.  He spoke of the unified voice that we have which has resulted in over 8,000 businesses being reached, over $18 million being applied for by over 90 business, and at least a million dollars being awarded.  He stated that all the businesses are important to us. 
a. At 10:47 a.m.,Consideration and acceptance of the 2018 HAVA Election Security Grant of $100,000.00 and approval to spend:  Rayleen Richards discussed the item.  She indicated that this grant was approved and received on February 24th and requested approval to spend the funds as set forth in Exhibit C.  Supervisor Thompson made a motion to accept the 2018 HAVA Election Security Grant of $100,000.00 and approval to spend; motion seconded by Supervisor Whitesinger.  Vote unanimous approving the motion.
a. EXECUTIVE SESSION pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03(A)(3) for the Board to receive legal advice from its attorney regarding an executive briefing on the status of the settlement negotiations in the multi-district opioid litigation:  At 9:53 a.m., Vice-Chairman Jack made a motion to enter into Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03(A)(3) for the Board to receive legal advice from its attorney regarding an executive briefing on the status of the settlement negotiations in the multi-district opioid litigation; motion seconded by Supervisor Whitesinger.  Vote unanimous approving the motion.  

At 10:45 a.m., Supervisor Seymore made a motion to return to regular session; motion seconded by Supervisor Thompson.  Vote unanimous approving the motion.
b. RECONVENE Direction to Board's legal counsel on the opioid litigation: Chairman Whiting indicated that the Board will have future conversations with Counsel on this issue.
COUNTY BUSINESS UPDATE: Report from County Manager, County Attorney and Board members: At 10:49 a.m., Glenn Kephart expressed appreciation to Melissa Buckley and Ken Dewitt for putting together this Zoom meeting. Brad Carlyon thanked all those in Public Health who are working to protect us. Supervisor Thompson stated that he misses seeing everybody. He expressed appreciation to the first responders and health officials for their contributions at this time. He indicated that he has been trying to make connections between various federal and state agencies. Supervisor Seymore expressed gratitude for everybody’s participation and work through the last couple of months. He stated that staff has done an excellent job. He spoke about the leadership of Glenn Kephart and Chairman Whiting. He thanked each member of the Board of Supervisors and staff members for their efforts. He stated that we will learn from this and be better.
Supervisor Whitesinger thanked all those who are making things work. She thanked those who have participated in today’s meeting. She expressed gratitude for the many people who are willing to come together and help one another. Vice-Chairman Jack stated that his district has been hard hit by the Coronavirus, but they are getting a lot of help from the Tribe and other agencies. He indicated that this week one of the chapters lost a member of their staff due to the virus. He expressed hope that this warmer weather will flatten out the spread of the virus. He encouraged everyone to stay safe. Chairman Whiting expressed appreciation to the leadership in Navajo County to help the citizens we represent. He further expressed appreciation to the Navajo County team for their efforts in keeping everyone informed. He thanked Melissa Buckley and her team for supporting the Board in their efforts. He stated he has been impressed with how each department and office have found solutions and ways to be safe and provide the services our citizens have come to expect. He thanked our citizens and expressed hope that all will maintain level heads, be open-minded and aware that we all have different needs.
ADJOURN: At 11:00 a.m., the Board adjourned.

Jason E. Whiting, Chairman
Navajo County Board of Supervisors
DATED:  May 12, 2020


Melissa W. Buckley, Clerk
Navajo County Board of Supervisors


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