developer applied for permit with Navajo County to approve (which of course they will with Jason Whiting no where to be found to represent anyone affected the most) a solar glare farm!

They claim FALSELY that there is no glare from these farms. OMG the glare is HORRIBLE. I see them driving down 62 at Desert Hot Springs. Early morning they plus the new marijuana farm roofs glare all over the place. It's planned just south of Joseph City. Made by Hashknife Energy Center LLC. At Obed Road & McLaws Road south of I-40. On 3,000 acres of state and private land.

I am concerned that solar glare will hit Chevelon Canyon Ranch

Looks REAL REFLECTIVE in what they show in their application!

AND THIS IS HOW IT WILL LOOK. I don't think they got the mountains there right though. What they should show is Chevelon Butte with 2 billion wind white colonist spinner sticks that make and burn energy in the distance and flatscapes all the way to it, not this which makes it look ERRONEOUSLY as though no one will ever see this thing that only occasionally produces energy with much of it probably being burned up by our 2000+ white colonist wind spinner sticks here in California while you will pay for all this crap in your electric bills and taxes. This does not reflect the 4.5 square miles though, it looks more like 1 square mile. It will be about 12 miles from the top part of CCR. I have seen reflections from solar roofs all the way to Palm Desert off 62 in mornings which is about that far. It's rather annoying. 



Green energy is an illusion. Even Bill Gates said it's time for us to stop messing with these but I say these are disgusting horrific landscape blight that only people who are delusional could possibly approve of, or of course those who profit and love ruining things so they can buy the pristine properties with all your money, or those who could care less about the environment, or those lost in their FAKE/DELUSIONAL/TV sets because all you have to do is look here and see how this ruins a gorgeous desertscape.

Wait, plastic? Green New Puke Deal calls for the end of all fossil fuels which make plastic. They will be made of straw in THE GREEN NEW DEAL world of illusions and cons.

Sierra Club member who spoke in Buffalo stated plan is to leave all fossil fuels and oils in the ground in a decade or two. It's impossible to make solar farms without plastic and fossil fuels.


This project is only 4.5 square miles compared to the wind project being 49 square miles of 60 story white wind tower propellers that produce fake clean energy.

They claim it will power 70,000 homes. Read my article on how many toasters my potato will power.