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MEETING DATES: Coconino County SUP hearing December 4th Public Hearing starts 5:30 pm Arizona time which will be at 4:30 pm Pacific time  VIEW LIVE VIDEO THEY DID NOT BROADCAST THIS and I learned too late that it was possible to phone in public comments.

Navajo County Board of Supervisors SUP hearing on December 10th
meeting starts at 9:00am at the County Complex in Holbrook

SUP - Special Use Permit

THANKSGIVING 2019 - for many the time is one to be thankful for many things for others like those who have learned since summer that their gorgeous pristine environment around their homes or undeveloped properties are now subject to a massive wind farm possibly blowing in to the region as it would transfer hundreds of millions of in tax payers subsidies featuring almost 200 blinking red lights all night long to make only certain individuals very wealthy while it smashes property values and doesn't even provide electricity from the grid out there to people as it would bring worse than certified city-fied blight and frustration instead of tranquility, well we can only be thankful WHEN this project is turned down by Coconino and Navajo counties this December so until then we are not really celebrating

view of wind farms after we had snow in the mountains above Palm Springs
these are between 3 miles to 7 or 8 miles away and well seen in the shade - my camera is not good so imagine these twice as stark and as bright as fresh snow

wind farms stand out even in the shade


I filmed this short display at night at the country's largest oldest wind farms just outside Palm Springs that have many newer turbines as well as older ones - it presents a very small section of the over 1000 wind turbines but it displays what would be seen by many properties at the same distance to the southern portion of the farm proposed by sPower - this view in my film is a distance of about 4 miles - Chevelon Acres and Chevelon Retreat would be subject to them much closer - I see these things whenever driving through that area of Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs up close and far away, they are horrible night and day and I expecially do not want that to happen to the gorgeous pristine night skies out there at Chevelon Canyon as that area is the most fantastic place to "recharge" without any such distractions, look at how disgusting they look even at twilight

 NOTES ON LIGHTING: In the Special Use Permit application by sPower they say they would use safety lighting that turns on only when aircraft approaches. This may seem like a great solution to keep the night sky free of blinking red lights but these systems have problems all their own, and FAA must first approve this kind of system so it is by no means guaranteed. FAA also considers all wind turbines of this project that are proposed regardless which of the 3 are selected to be OBSTRUCTIONS. Anything 499 feet and higher is an obstruction.

Since learning that I now consider all of these wind farms obstructionists. They are obstructing the peace and tranquility of our lands, our minds, our vistas, our and investments and should all be removed as things that ARE IN THE WAY and they are wastes of our energy. If red LED they use little energy so that is not the big issue but when turbines are turned on powered by the grid they use up a lot of energy even energy that is made by other wind farms that cannot be used.

In the FAA rules AC No. 70/7460-1L Section 13.8 says during construction they should be illuminated at night. Section 14.1 discusses proposed Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems. These can be on as long as 30 MINUTES!  Section 4.2.2-1 states "In the event detection of the aircraft is lost while being continuously monitored within the 3 NM/1,000 foot (5.5 km/304 m) volume, the ADLS should initiate a 30-minute timer and keep the obstruction lights on until the timer expires." Section 4.2.2-2 states: "For ADLSs without the capability of monitoring aircraft targets in the 3 nm/1,000 foot (5.5 km/304 m) volume, the obstruction lights should stay on for a preset amount of time, calculated as follows: a. For single obstructions: 7 minutes. b. For groups of obstructions: (the widest dimension in nautical miles + 6) x 90 seconds equals the number of seconds the light(s) should remain on." Project is as wide as 13 miles + 6 = 19 x 90 seconds = 24 minutes. Acceptance of these systems is determined on a case by case basis by the FAA so this is not guaranteed they would be approved. They consider flight patterns and other factors. Standard bright red flashing lights are between 40 and 60 flashes per minute. Appendix A Figure A-26 shows that additional red flashing lights required on turbines over 699 feet high so the 3rd choice as presented by sPower would need those additional markers midway on the masts. Figure A-29 shows two configurations where not every turbine is lit but I have seen most all turbines lit here at Palm Springs. REF AC No. 70/7460-1L

Winslow mayor is for this project he must not understand how horrible it would make the night sky look from Winslow and how negatively it could affect tourism, I know I would not go to Winslow to visit or access Sitreaves forest knowing I'd have to drive through a sea of disgusting wind turbines and knowing that the mayor of Winslow supported it

Hutch Road from 377 and Forest Road 153 from Heber would be used for access in construction phase if other permits are approved

Navajo County website shows application for special use permit in PDF 329 pages on page 15 makes mention of Hutch Road but further into the SUP on page 142 of 329 it shows the full route

view map showing the exact routes

Navajo County building codes state wind turbines must blend in with the surrounding landscape using tan but FAA requires white. I inquired with the county on this code, they said they will comply with FAA rules and that 2010 code is not updated as they are underserved with proper expertise and staff to update wind energy codes. The county has concerns about projects blending in not causing too much visual disturbance.

here's an image showing how awful they look in the pristine mountains of West Virginia

This project must be turned down. It's not serving a broader public interest only interests of those invested in using your tax subsidies for their gain. The only way to handle the issue of impact is saying no. Renewables inefficient. Even Bill Gates said that it's time we stop wasting our time with these. Northern California Humbolt County Planning Commission just voted a project down. Read the letter presented by the City of Rio Dell for some good points, one being was need for Performance Bond to take care of dimantling at end of life amongst other things such as the beauty being spoiled. Lompoc California outside Santa Barbars has just approved a project. I will not go visit there now as I am looking for places to go that don't have these monstrosities. It would be detrimental to toursim.

I have also learned that wind farms USE UP EXCESS ENERGY in the grid that is being produced by solar and other wind farms from around the entire US grid system. What is going on here? Is this project another "windfall" for developers and investment portfolios? How can anyone say this is in the public interest for us to build another renewable energy farm that produces energy for other farms to use up when there is too much supply?

The furthest sections of Chevelon Canyon Ranch to the east of the proposed wind farm would be about 13 miles away. I have seen the Palm Springs wind farms from 20 miles away and the flashing red lights remain starkly visible just smaller in size and they still look HORRIBLE from that distance.

Chevelon Canyon properties are east of the canyon and the proposed wind farm project
Navajo County parcel search


view project map   Chevelon Canyon Ranch forum

GEN-TIE environmental impact APPROVED on 10/28/2019

this does not yet mean the project will be built as special use permits would need approval by Navajo and Coconino counties see above meeting dates


SPower (aka Sustainable Power Group LLC owned by AES Corporation who's founder Roger Sant resigned after it's part in Enron scandal) has proposed a wind farm with 175 156 168 turbines covering 48 square miles directly west of the entire Chevelon Canyon Ranch and Chevelon Acres and Chevelon Retreat properties at Chevelon Butte which would destroy viewsheds throughout this entire Arizona region including Mogollon Ranch off Route 87. This project must be stopped to save the viewscapes there. Build roads and bridges instead to save and renew energy.  look how Route 87 would look at night and photos and video of how Chevelon areas could look

FIRE DANGER: all it will take is a bolt of lightning to turn one of these spinning skyscraper turbines into a ball of fire raining down flaming oils and solvents all over the brush below to create another horror that could jump the canyon and destroy Chevelon area homes and land and there is no fire department out there we don't need 175 156 ready to light turbine match sticks threatening that area for decades to come

contact your representatives        public hearings were September 16 - 19, 2019 meeting in Flagstaff where public comments can be made in person, online, by phone, email or regular mail there may be another meeting in December 4 > this meeting was about the GEN-TIE where they build small stations and lines that allow the wind farm to tie in to the high power lines that run through this region - staff at the Arizona Corporation Commission approves of these lines stating they believe it has the "potential to improve some aspects of reliability, resilence, and safety of the grid as well as power delivery in Arizona" - this seems to contradict other materials I have come across about grids being negatively affected by industrial scale wind farming projects      sPower pulls their wind project out of Ohio  sPower refiles their project in Ohio

read my public comment  I have requested transcript of hearings

this first image is of Chevelon Canyon Ranch and Chevelon Acres and Chevelon Retreat properties that are directly east of the proposed wind project many of which would be exposed to a sea of flashing red lights at night and stark white wind turbines by day in the distance - to view just how bad it would make this pristine area look go here    threat of wild fire is a huge concern after the 2002 Rodeo-Chediski fire consumed over 468,000 acres

Mogollon Ranch properties are around 600 - 800 feet above the proposed wind farm

this next image shows the Mogollon Ranch properties highest section at 6823 feet
the farm would be lower at about 6000 to 6200 feet

highest point of Mogollon Ranch is 6823 feet

this next image shows broader view of the area - Coconino County is outlined in red
click on the image to visit their maps page - when there choose the "Parcel Viewer" to search properties

look how Route 87 would look at night 

look at how Chevelon Butte Wind Farm would likely look in the day 

new film on alternative energies claims we have been exposed to fraud 

nuclear plants are being built all over the world 

contact me and get updates


PAST EVENT in Flagstaff on September 16th 1PM continuing 17th at 9am and 18th at 9am public comment September 16th at 6PM details





insectivorous bats are being massacred by wind energy one bat can eat between 500 and 1,000 mosquitoes and other insects in just one hour or about 6,000 per night…

& if this isn't bad enough I just found out wind farms are being used as ENERGY DUMPING GROUNDS to get rid of excess energy produced in the grid

what is going on here?

you can drive by them and see them spinning and they might be using up excess energy NOT producing it

are these more like movie sets presenting illusions?

who keeps telling us these are clean and good for us, those profiting from them? there sure are some heavy hitters pushing these things with ties to the energy they produce for their portfolios

Bill Gates says it's time we stop messing with renewables

they are ruining the planet

STOP Chevelon Butte Wind Farming Project

for those who subscribe to the vector spread disease theory this means that 175 wind turbines in that area will make people sick
that one West Nile or East Nile or South Nile virus could have been eaten by that bat that would have been alive without these monstrocities
to fix this our politicians and health dictators will present another endless array of industrialist solutions invoking chemical sprays
that if done would then cause other problems of killing more wildlife and the bandwagons play on and on and on and on
it's time we let nature handle these things more and more and leave the world free of the intrusions of industrial wind energy that waste energy

view the homepage for more details on wind energy and this project


go here to view the homepage which has details on meetings and current matters pertaining to the proposal to add a 168 turbine wind farm covering 48 square miles just west of Chevelon Canyon

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